Temporary Grandstands

Rich, flexible and durable small row outdoor stand system, through flexible configuration of row number, fixing method, color, etc., it can fully solve your products about temporary grandstands of large and small venues, temporary meeting venue seats, outdoor leisure entertainment performance viewing areas and other occasions.

Fixed seating systems

Often used in outdoor auditoriums;
It is welded by angle aluminum to ensure the safety of the support;
There are 3 rows, 4 rows, and 5 rows of different options to meet user needs;
5 rows of fixed stands with guardrails to ensure the safety of spectators;
Optional dual pedal design, so that the audience has more space for activities;
All fixed stand design loads meet national standards.


Mobile seating systems

Suitable for indoor and outdoor auditorium;
The setting with universal wheels makes the stands easy to move and store;
The frame is welded by angle aluminum to ensure the safety of the support;
The combination of wheel wheel and rubber pad plays a very good role in protecting the stadium floor;
Optional dual pedal design, more comfortable seating and aisle space;
There are 3 rows, 4 rows or 5 rows to choose from to meet the various needs of users.

Bench seating systems

Light weight, low installation and maintenance cost;
The frame is made of stainless steel pipes to ensure the safety of the support and the longevity of use;
Three lengths, two styles to choose from, to meet the various needs of users;
According to the needs, there are portable, field-type and ground-mounted installations;
When the system is used indoors, a complete set of appliances including floor protection mats and supporting hardware are provided.

Our temporary grandstand will be manufactured as the specification sheets and the selection of architect. It will be supplied, delivered, and installed completely by the manufacturer.

The work of these specifications included all materials, equipment, and services required to complete the demountable bleacher.

It is guaranteed for 5 years from the dated of completion by the manufacturer against the faulty materials and all work performed under these specification sheets.

Temporary (Disassemble) grandstand construction includes the modular supporting frame, pillars, horizontal and vertical frames to ensure the stability of the grandstand system. The elements of the superstructure include guardrails, aisles, and seats. Different styles of seats can be selected to achieve different visual effects. Whatever it’s a bench, a plastic chair, or a chair with a backrest. They can be used in various sports scenes.

Construction Display – Quality, Safety and Stability

Aluminum deck with friction in the middle to prevent falling.

Different chairs can be selected for different experiences. And also can be designed the logo.

Sturdy guardrail to prevent accidents.

The fitting parts ensure the stability of the grandstand system.

Chair Part

Chair Dimension

Packing And Other Details

1. Outdoor & indoor flip-up stadium chair.
2. Anti-UV, anti-aging, anti-color fading.
3. Blow molding stadium seat, double layers.
4. High-density polyethylene(PE) material for plastic parts.
5. Fully 100% friendly eco materials, not included any recycling material.
6. No armrest.
7. Floor mounted type legs.
8. The brackets of chair are made of high quality powder coating finish, rust proof.

Center distance arm to arm(width): 480mm
Total height of chair: 860mm
Length of chair (open time): 620mm
Length of chair (folded time): 190mm
Size of of seat cushion: 440mm x 410mm (W x L)
Size of of plastic arc-shaped backrest: 440mm x 480mm

Plastic seat will be 2 sets/bag
Each chair is around 6kg
Warranty: 10 years
The steel works will be packed with air bubble film
Steel works warranty: 5 years
All the bolts will pack with wooden boxes


Style optional: Heavy-duty steel work or ringlock scaffolding.
Surface finish optional: Powder coating or Hot dip galvanizing not galvanized steel pipe.
Deck material: Aluminum profile or water proof and non-slip plywood.
Floor beam: 50*30*4mm
Girder: Q235 φ100*50*2.5 mm
Beam for seats: φ60*40*2 mm
Safety railings: φ30*2.5mm

Installation Instructions for Grandstand System

Make sure the floor is flat and hard like the concrete floor. Or at least make sure this square part for the scaffolding is in concrete. The details pls check the CAD drawing.

Hot-dip Galvanized Parts

Different Cross Beam Structures of Grandstand

Optional Seats

Project Cases
Disassemble Grandstands In Oman – 7,000 seats

Project Cases
U-20 Women’s World cup – 7500 seats

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