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JUYI Seating is the globally recognized as the leading manufacturer of stadium seats for stadiums and arenas all over the world. With premium quality products and most innovative seating solutions, it is a well trusted brand with a wide variety of stadium seating products. And as the seating industry leader, JUYI’s products are designed and manufactured to the highest standards for the most demanding environments, indoors or outside.

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Product description

Back and pad: Made of high-density polyethylene as raw material, produced by the most advanced hollow plastic technology, with excellent impact resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and added a special anti-aging agent to maximize the ground slows down the speed of aging and fading, and greatly improves the service life.

Bracket: Precision casting made of high-quality steel. The exterior of the outdoor seat is made of integral hot-dip galvanizing, and the exterior of the indoor seat is of electrostatic spray. The style is novel and reasonable, durable, and has good anti-corrosion performance. The feet can be fixed with standing feet, side-mounted feet, movable feet and footrests.

Technical parameters of stadium seats

1. Hollow blow molding seats for outdoor and indoor sports venues.

2. Hollow blow molding seats for outdoor and indoor sports venues. The raw material of the chair surface is made of Sinopec high-density polyethylene with high-grade color masterbatch; the armrest and stand foot are made of one-time die-casting aluminum alloy.

3. The chair surface has the characteristics of anti-aging, anti-corrosion, UV protection, flame retardancy and temperature tolerance.

4. Special expansion bolts are used for the installation of the support, and the drilling and coating degree are unified to ensure that the waterproof layer of the steps is not damaged, so as to ensure the installation strength and avoid water leakage of the steps.

Seat design

The design, selection and installation of the seat are in line with the design of the gymnasium, which is beautiful, comfortable, safe, durable and easy to install, maintain and manage. The chair surface adopts hollow blow molding manufacturing process, and high-density polyethylene material (HDPE) is selected for one-time processing and molding. It has the characteristics of rounded edges and corners on the seat surface, relatively concentrated molecular weight, high bonding strength at the junction, excellent aging resistance, and excellent impact resistance.

Polyethylene (HDPE) is a milky white translucent waxy solid with a molecular weight of 100,000 to 300,000. The density of homopolymer is generally 0.955~0.965, linear structure, few branches, and crystallinity of 80%~90%. HDPE has the smallest degree of branching, and the molecules can be packed tightly, so the density is the largest (0.941g/cm³~0.965g/cm³) and the crystallinity is high. It has high rigidity and toughness, good mechanical properties and high operating temperature. Anti-aging, impact resistance, low temperature resistance and oil resistance are good. Polyethylene (HDPE) has little water absorption, is non-toxic, and has excellent chemical stability.

Stadium Seats Design


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Seat size

Seat’s surface dimensions: seat width × chair depth × back height = 400mm × 460mm × 315mm, the thinnest part of the seat is not less than 4mm. There is a water seepage hole in the most concave part to ensure that there is no water on the chair surface. The weight of the seat surface is 2kg, and the weight deviation is ±100g. The seat can carry more than 200kg and is impact resistant. The chair surface is loaded with 960N × 100,000 times, and the chair back is loaded with 330N × 100,000 times. The high and low temperature resistance of the seat is required to be +80°C to -60°C, and the overall service life is ≥10 years.

Seat color

The color of the seat is determined by the owner. See the color swatch for the colors of the seat.

Seat accessories

Bracket: It adopts precision aluminum die-casting suspension bracket with polished surface and plastic spraying (the same color as the seat). It has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, dense structure, high strength, impact resistance and non-corrosion.

Connecting round pipe: Adopt thickened galvanized pipe with an outer diameter of Φ32, and the end of the round pipe is sealed with a rubber plug.

All steel components: After silane treatment, the surface is oxidized and galvanized to enhance its corrosion resistance.

Fasteners: The seat, connecting plate and bracket are connected with Jinyi screws and cushioned soft pads. The bracket is connected with the side of the stand step by expansion bolts, and the connection is firm and not loose.

Aluminum seat number and row number setting: The seat number is set on the backrest, embedded design; the row number is set on the side of the seat on both sides of the aisle, using the same plastic row number seat as the seat, embedded installation.

Seat installation

Riser mounted installation, fixed with M10 × 110 expansion bolts to the side walls of the concrete steps of the stand, the seat installation spacing is 480mm, and the height of the seat surface from the ground is about 425mm. During installation, the passage is neat and the height is consistent, and there is no obvious drop between the upper and lower sides.

stadium seats


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Recommend seats 

Hollow blow molding flap seat BLM-4351 (floor mounted type), BLM-4352 (riser mounted type), the seat type is designed according to ergonomics, with armrests, the overall installation effect is beautiful, generous and stylish.

Seat size specifications: Seat width 487mm, seat depth 569mm, back height 520mm

Seat raw material description

Chair surface material: High-density polyethylene

Chair support: Metal stamping parts

Seat support: Aluminum alloy

The seat surface adopts Japanese formula and technology, it is produced by all Japanese imported production lines, South Korea imported high-density polyethylene material, and Dainippon Ink (DIC) color masterbatch, which has good performance in anti-aging, flame retardancy and water repellency. The chair surface adopts a hyperboloid and hollow double-layer structure, which greatly improves the strength of the seat and meets the safety of use in public places.

The suspension bracket is made of aluminum alloy, and the surface is polished by electrostatic spraying process, so that the surface quality, corrosion resistance and strength of the seat are guaranteed to the greatest extent. The bracket is installed with special expansion bolts, and the perforation is uniform to ensure that the waterproof layer of the steps is not damaged, so as to ensure the installation strength and prevent water leakage from the steps. There are seat number plates on the front of the seat backs, and row number plates on the brackets on both sides of the aisle to quickly guide the audience to check in.

Performance requirements

Mechanical properties: The properties meet the test level of GB10357-89 “Furniture Mechanical Properties Test”.
1. The seat can carry more than 200kg and is impact resistant.

2. Seat static load: the seat surface is loaded with more than 1600N, and the seat back is loaded with more than 760N. The sideways static load of the armrest is more than 600N, and the vertical static load is more than 900N.

3. Seat durability: 950N × 100,000 times for seat loading and 330N × 100,000 times for backrest.

Flame retardant performance: According to the national standard GB/T2408-1996 (test method of plastic burning performance), it shall not be lower than FH-2.

Anti-aging performance: In line with QB/T2601-2003, GB3631, GB1040, ASTMG53 standards.

The seat is resistant to high and low temperatures: +75°C to -50°C. No appearance changes such as cracks, spots, blisters and obvious deformations, and no appearance changes such as local chalking, cracks, spots, blisters and obvious deformations.

The above performance of the seat has been tested by the National Sports Goods Quality Supervision and Inspection Center.

stadium seats

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