Telescopic Grandstand Seating Systems Structure


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Pull oblique support: The pull oblique support and the support frame are connected by screws to increase extra stability.

Front cross beam and vertical plate: Adopt integral forming rolling processing method, reasonable cross-section design, strong overall load-bearing performance, can evenly disperse the load of the stand, after connection and installation, assume the role of the beam, so that the entire steel structure forms a stable frame system.

Continuation of the forward walking beam: The interconnected guide rail is welded by square tubes to achieve surface contact guidance, avoid left and right deflection and deviation, and achieve linear movement of the bottom structure.

Column support: The column support frame is designed to support 20 rows of stands with a height of 6 meters. The design of the column support strengthens the cantilever strength and capacity increase, and also makes the installation convenient and easy, and the efficiency is high.

Inlaid panel: All panels of the stand are inlaid design, the pedal edges are inlaid in the front and rear beams and under the pressed seats, so a safe and beautiful aisle is provided, and the aisle surface is flat. Optional materials for the aisle surface: carpet, PVC, laminate.

Adjustable support wheel: Adjust the height of the pulley by adjusting the screw, so that the position of the auxiliary support is adjusted reasonably, the position of all parts of the product is adjusted reasonably, the overall rigidity of the product is increased, and the level of shaking is improved.

Automatic locking device: This automatic locking device prevents the stands from accidentally moving and contracting during use, and reduces the damage and accidents of the chair back during long-term use of the system.

The above descriptions need to be equipped with corresponding pictures. In addition, the pictures of the drive system, operation mode (wireless controller, wired controller), distribution box, turning mechanism, aisle panel, stepping, side curtain and various guardrails are organized and typeset.

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