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WJ-2010 Manual Lifting Stage 4765

WJ-2010 manual lifting stage has the advantages of convenient operation, fast construction, arbitrary combination, low height after folding (157mm), beautiful appearance, large carrying capacity, etc. It is welcomed by the majority of users and is widely used in various cultural places. Build a combined stage indoor or outdoor.

Stage Parameters:

Table size: 2000mm × 1000mm
Stage using height: 250mm, 500mm, 600mm, 750mm, 1000mm, 5 gears adjustable
Stage weight: 82kg
Stage carrying capacity: Static load 500kg/m², Dynamic load 230kg/m²

The WJ-2010 manual lifting stage developed by JUYI Seating Company is the first in China, and it is a high-end assembly stage.

Product Features:

>> The main frame of the stage is made of high-quality aluminum alloy with a beautiful and firm appearance.
>>> The stage deck adopts multi-layer boards and fireproof veneer.
>>> After the stage is raised to a certain height during use, the support rod is automatically locked by four pins, which is safe and reliable.
>>> The single stage table can be lowered when not in use, and the height of the stage after lowering is 157mm, which greatly reduces the occupied space and is convenient for transportation and storage.
>>> The height of the stage table is adjustable. When adjusting, only two people are required to stand on both sides of the stage. Pull the handle under the table and raise or lower the table to the desired height at the same time, so that the positioning pin can be automatically reset, and the height can be adjusted. Easy and convenient.





WJ-2412 manual folding stage 3464

The manual folding stage has the characteristics of convenient and fast construction, labor-saving transportation, and small storage space. It is suitable for building a temporary combined stage indoor or outdoor.

Stage Parameters:

Table size: 2420mm×1210mm
Stage using height: 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 3 gears adjustable
Stage weight: 160kg
Stage carrying capacity: Static load 450kg/m², Dynamic load 200kg/m²

The WJ-2412 manual folding stage developed by our company absorbs the advantages of similar products at home and abroad. According to the development principle of high quality and low price, it not only ensures the strength, abrasion resistance, operational stability, and convenient movement of the manual folding stage. Performance, compared with the same quality products at home and abroad, greatly reduces the price, and has a higher competitiveness.

Product Features:

>> The main frame of the stage is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate stamped and formed, and the surface is electrostatic sprayed, which has high strength and is not easy to rust.
>>> The stage board adopts imported nine plywood to ensure the strength and quality of the stage.
>>> The single stage can be folded in the center, and there is a buffer device when folding and unfolding, so that the folding and unfolding are stable and labor-saving; when unfolded, each stage is supported by 6 rubber feet, which has good stability. The walking wheels of the single stage are folded Landing, it can be easily implemented by a single person, and it is convenient to install and transport.



The data of folded stage equipment:

>> The holistic stage is assembly with every piece of table-board, there is aprotic component connecting every piece of table-board.
>>> Designed fine-tuning institutions for every piece of table-board.
>>> Installing 4 wheels, 2 wheels is immovable, 2 wheels is movable, pushing conveniently.
>>> After folding, the stage place little room, depositiong conveniently.
>>> The material of wheels is polyurethane. The material of foot stand is rubber. It is not harmful to floor when install and push.
>>> Installing a steps at the two side of stage. The step is firm to connect with fastener.
>>> We suggest you install security barrier at the three side of stage, the security barrier’s height is 700mm.
>>> We suggest you install drapery fabrics at every side of stage, the material is corduroy, height is 800mm.
>>> Installing, disassembly convenient, conveying agile.
>>> Primary material
The bearing pressure rolled steel: 50mm × 50mm × 5mm angle iron
Standing leg: Φ38 × 3m
Base material: 30mm multiplying plywood
Plane materiel: Carpet-polyester carpet or 1.6 thick PVC plastic floor. The polyurethane wheel is Φ125.
Edge banding: 2mm thick aluminum alloy, deal with spray plastics on surface.

Matters needing attention:

  1. When installing, using fine tuning bolt safely. Adjust every piece of table-board to smooth.
  2. Button up the fastener, making sure all fastener are buttoned up firm. Ensuring security and credibility.
  3. Buckle the steps at the side of stage as designated location. Ensuring security and credibility.
  4. Ensureing security and credibility of the security barrier.
  5. After installing stage well, affix the drapery fabrics to the magic tape.
  6. When dismantling, unsling the drapery fabrics, and then take the piece of table-board down.
  7. When dismantling, untread the bolt, preventing it break off and affecting remove.
  8. When removing, pucker piece of table-board, and lock stock.
  9. When depositing the piece of table-board, assure pushing from one side of the steer wheels(can transfer the direction of moving).
  10. Take note of preventing from aquosity, water, erode.

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