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05. Sign Contract

02. Provide Venue Info

06. Production

03. Design & Quotation

07. Settlement & Delivery

04. Drawing Actuarial

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To the quality of survival, to the quality of development, to the quality of efficiency.

Pre-sale service
We provide product consultation, technical consultation, drawing production, measurement assistance, transportation consultation, installation consultation, etc.

In-sale service
We provide order consulting, production consulting, process consulting, transportation consulting, installation consulting, other cooperation, etc.

After-sales service
We provide regular after-sales service consultation, product maintenance and overhaul services upon customer request, user satisfaction survey, etc.


Our willingness and ability to design seating solutions to fit our client’s needs. When you work with us, you are not receiving an off the shelf product, you are receiving a tailor made design constructed with the utmost precision and quality. From the selection of the finishing to the choice fabric and custom additions, we will provide the perfect seat to help create the perfect venue.


If you are looking for ideas, solutions and suggestions, we have over 15 years of industry leading experience in performance seating. Our team of designers take pride and joy in helping create unique styles and feels for each individual venue. We welcome any questions and appreciate pushing the envelope when it comes to leading edge design ideas.


For venues considering a facelift to its current seats, we have the experience and capability to resurface and bring a new fresh look to any prior seating installations. From new state of the art fabric to new foam and replacement wood components, we can make seats look and feel like new again. Sometimes the best option is to refurbish rather than replace.


A seat is only as good as its installation, that's why we work with a dedicated installation team that knows our products. This ensures that quality and timing are always respected. Our team can meet any installation needs anywhere in the world and we have several partners offering installation services in the global market.