Portable Aluminum Bleachers

The outdoor grandstand system is one of the seating solutions that replace the traditional concrete public grandstand. Its structure is assembled with high-quality aluminum alloy and steel, and all structural parts are prefabricated once through strict production and processing and a complete process inspection process.

Applicable places: Outdoor sports fields, driving ranges, racing fields, racetracks and other athletic venues.
Applicable seats: Aluminum alloy bar stools, hollow blow molded seats, solid wood benches, etc.

Aluminum Bleachers

Portable Mobile Aluminum Alloy Bleahcers
Bleacher material: Aluminum alloy
Seat and installation: Outdoor stadium seats floor mounted type.
Service content: Scheme design, installation acceptance.

Meet the rental of temporary stands, temporary platforms for sports events or performances.

Our company’s temporary construction assembled stands use German technology, according to various performance requirements such as quick disassembly, quick assembly, mobile use, convenient transportation, exhibition requirements, etc., especially cater to various large venues such as quick installation and quick disassembly.

Quickly assembled stands are a new type of temporary stand system that can be combined arbitrarily. The frame unit adopts a chrysanthemum buckle scaffolding structure. A self-developed layer structure is formed on the mature 48-type chrysanthemum buckle scaffolding structure. It can be combined into a multi-level modular temporary stand according to requirements, simple and convenient. The shelves are welded as a whole, modular, interchangeable, universal, high-quality carbon non-slip tread steel pedals, which allow 350kg per square.


1. Less structure, easy to set up and disassemble, all the basic structure and special parts are modularized as standard; single module structure weighs up to 25kg per piece, and can be easily installed by two workers.

2. The joint structure is reasonable, the operation is easy, light and simple. Large carrying capacity. High structural strength and overall stability Leading seat.

3. Good performance, safe and reliable. Self-locking mechanism with independent wedges. The plug-in has a self-locking function, which can be locked or removed by pressing the latch.

4. Component series are standardized for easy transportation and management.

Aluminum Alloy Bleachers

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