Frequently Asked Questions


In order to ensure that we can bring high-quality service to each customer, we sell our seats through various channels. Our staff will fully customize your project according to the size, type and number of seats of your project to ensure the maximum of your project. Please feel free to contact us or give us a call. We will make a suitable sales representative work with engineers to serve you.

Our stadium seats will be determined according to the number, model and installation method of the seats you need. Telescopic stands are our company’s advantage products. We are superior to our peers in terms of design and production materials. Our price is also determined according to your engineering needs, but the price is definitely the most favorable factory price. If you need a preliminary budget price, please contact us, our excellent engineers will contact you within 2 hours to provide you with a design plan.

No. Our products are manufactured and installed for specific spaces.

Yes, parts can be used for most components. Sometimes the product may be discontinued. In this case, we can usually replace it with a new model or help find some other low-cost alternatives to keep your seat in a normal working condition.

Yes, we can arrange a certified professional installer to guide the installation at the project site in your country and train your installer on the installation steps.

The telescopic grandstand is fully shipped and assembled on site. The fixed seat is shipped as a separate component and assembled on site. The installation manual and drawings will be provided to you.

Yes, you can add cup holders, writing boards, and number plates to your existing chairs. As long as you maintain safety compliance with proper line spacing and clear passages, and the chair you currently install will allow for easy addition of accessories. Contact us and we will have relevant staff follow up with you.

Yes it is.
In fact, we need to draw the seat layout first to generate a list of manufacturing materials for the installers to use on site.

Yes it is.
Our seat layout engineers use a series of AutoCAD when arranging the space, and we do provide CAD blocks for each model and size. We can also provide dimensional drawings showing the key dimensions of the chair shell. Our design engineering department is also able to export 3D renderings for many of our models.


The telescopic bleacher is a public utility which can installed with seats. When it stretch out, it will form a ladder stand; when it draw back, it can be stored in a small space. Mainly used in multi-purpose room, stadiums, television studio, classrooms and multi-function use of indoor or outdoor hall.

  1. There are two ways, friction wheel drive device(front drive) and folded chain drive device(rear drive).
  2. The friction wheel drives use the motor through a sprocket chain drive high-intensity axis. High-strength shaft driven friction wheel rotated by the motor rotating to drive stands for the retractable running. Because this device is installed in the front row of the stand(first row) step, so it is called front drive device.

In generally, the electric control system of movable stand will adopt trip switch, AC contactor, the pros and cons of the switch button (manual control box, infrared remote control, a touch screen) mode.

The system using limit position stop mode, it means when you press the button, the stand will keep running to the limited position, then stop. For half-way stop, you must press the stop button. The system is equipped with a thermal relay, have reload protection of itself.

Besides, according to the customer request, can add P sound device, digital row number display device etc.

  1. When the steel structure is shaped up, after the surface polished, surface degreasing, rust clean, spray anti-rust paint once and finish twice, the surface color is greenish-blue and black, or the customer specified (optional) color.
  2. Spraying plastic

The step edge of the grandstand is cladding with special production of striped of aluminum alloy article decoration. After the bronze surface oxidation process, the corner will sealed with plastic cover, looks not only beautiful but very safe.

There are two ways to install telescopic grandstands: floor mounted type and riser mounted type.

Floor mounted style seats are installed in the grandstand step forefront, both the height of step and seat panel form the angle of seating height. The modality is fixed seat panel and folding backerest. So if the steps are too low and double seats situation are not supporting the backrest folding seats. Backrest folding seat only can be controlled by manual, and only can be installed on each layer as a single row seats system.

Riser mounted type seats are installed at the back of the stand. It is a single-seater foldable seat that can be folded in rows. The lower part is equipped with a flip device box seat. The box seat is equipped with a tension spring to offset most of the weight of the seat. The resistance torque reduces the power of flipping the seat. The number of rear-mounted seat row overturns is generally 6-12 in a row. The rear-mounted seat can be flipped electrically, but the premise is that the seat plate and backrest of the seat can be automatically folded under the action of gravity or torsion spring. The number of seats that can be turned by each motor is similar to the number of seats that can be turned manually, with 6-12 positions. Regardless of the form of the stands, rear-mounted seats can be installed as long as the floor height is appropriate.

According to the different type of seats they equipped, it is between 240mm to 320mm.

The wheels are made of iron that covered with polyurethane layer, diameter Ø100mm, named 4 inch thick double bearing polyurethane wheel. Loading capacity is 250kg/each one. The polyurethane layer of the wheels have slight flexible when it under pressure.

The principle of the use of telescopic grandstand countertop panels: indoor and outdoor, as well as user requirements. Generally, 18mm thick melamine medium density board is commonly used indoors. 18mm thick multilayer board covered with rubber-plastic floor leather or carpet. Or pave the fireproof board or fireproof glue layer on the 18mm thick multilayer board. The melamine veneer layer has fireproof ingredients, and the back of the multilayer plywood must be sprayed with fireproof paint.

Generally, the materials of step panel of outdoor stands are 2mm riffled plate or 18mm bamboo veneer.

If you choose the riffled plate as the step panel, you need to do periodic service(periodic anti-corrosion maintenance service); If you choose bamboo veneer as step panel, you need to cover it with rubber leather or carpet, but you can choose not.