We Provide CAD Designs Or 3D Images

Our R&D team can design a reasonable seating layout according to your project site, so that your project space can be used more reasonably; at the same time, our design also includes the best visual effect display for the audience, so that everyone audience can watch the performance freely and easily.

We use AUTO CAD software to carry out preliminary graphic design. Each seat has a specific size and module, and is reasonably arranged in each project space. It intuitively and accurately provides you with your project budget requirements.

Our technical team generally uses SOLIDWORKS software to complete the in-depth design of the grandstand seats. Every part and every detail is fully matched with the actual product. The 3D panoramic effect display can not only satisfy your visual understanding of the product, but also allow you to experience the meticulous creation of every detail.

Seat layout engineers use a series of AutoCAD when arranging the space, and we do provide CAD blocks for each model and size. We can also provide dimensional drawings showing the key dimensions of the chair shell. Our design engineering department is also able to export 3D renderings for many of our models.

cad design
cad design
CAD Design

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